Our first experience at LigaAc Labs

our first experience at LigaAc
Published Apr 23, 2019

We like to think that professional people are the ones that have an open and innovative way of thinking. At Deventure, we appreciate native talents and passionate people.

As well, we want to be a part of the student’s development career and to give them the opportunity to express their knowledge and creativity. Based on that we decided to participate for the first time at LigaAC Labs, which consists in a series of seminars dedicated to students in order to help them practice what they have learned at university.

deventure team members

Our experience started with the opening ceremony where we presented our company in front of more than 450 students willing to hear more about us. We were impressed to find out that our company was among most wanted by students and around 182 of them chose to enroll at our seminar.

deventure's CEO speech

Because we always want things to work #InfinitelyBetter, we began a selection process to find the most willing to learn and passionate six deventurers for our seminar.

First of all, it was a test of 57 grid and 3 free answer questions, and then, the first top 25 students, based on their test score, were called up for a decisive interview.

By now, four seminars has already happened and the students started to learn how to develop a mobile app where you can keep track of movies you’ve seen, categorize them and give reviews. Also, the app will have a related website with an administration panel for an admin.

seminar LigaAc


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