How to Evaluate and Arrive at a Custom Software Development Cost

How to Evaluate and Arrive at a Custom Software Development Cost
Published 20th February 2023

How much does developing custom software cost or how to arrive at a software development estimation? This is a question that would come to your mind when you are planning to deploy a custom built software solution for your business enterprise.

Well, the price of developing software varies as numerous variables affect it. Even for businesses with decades of experience in the industry, estimating the cost of software development is challenging.

In this blog, we'll make an attempt to illustrate how we can estimate the cost of developing a custom software solution and what are the key parameters involved in it.

Let’s begin by understanding why custom software development cost is generally on the higher side.

Why Is it Generally that Custom Software is Priced Higher than their Off-the-Shelf Alternatives?

Custom Software is Priced Higher

Custom software development refers to creating software specifically for your own business needs. Custom software gives you an inherent competitive advantage because of the unlimited capabilities a custom built solution can equip you with.

A smart development team meets with their client requirements and ascertains precisely what they require. Every firm is different, and the daily procedures they follow change frequently. Custom software is pricey for the reason that it enables you to adapt to the changing needs of the enterprise.

Custom software development pricing is on the higher end of the price range due to this competitive advantage.

On the contrary off-the-shelf commercial software is created with public appeal in mind, it is typically less expensive to purchase in the short run. The majority of companies that create commercial software programmes provide tiers of subscription plans, with higher tier subscribers having access to greater features and capabilities.

Variables that Affect Custom Software Development Cost Estimation:

Variables that Affect Custom Software Development Cost Estimation

How much money you allot for your project will be heavily influenced by the functionality and complexity of your application. Less resources will be needed for a simpler software, and more resources will be needed for a more complicated app.

Let’s understand the key variables that determine how much does custom software development cost in more detail.

1. The Relative Size of the Application

The primary factor in arriving at a software development cost estimation is the size and scale of the project. It is directly related to how much the software costs. It's straightforward; more screens and number of pages directly correlates to more work and more expensive software.

Small software typically has fewer than 15-18 feature pages, medium software typically has between 20 and 40 feature pages, and large software generally has more than 35 feature pages.

Therefore, your costs will be higher if you're creating a large application with more than 40 screens and other focused capabilities.

2. Intricacies and Complexity Involved in Building the Application

The level of complexity in developing a custom software solution can be different depending upon the type of mobile or enterprise application you want to build.

Let’s assume building a mobile application where the users are required to download the app and register. The user can choose to sign up using a standard email and password. Or perhaps the user wants to sign up using social networking. The client might wish to incorporate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. if they want their users to sign up using their social media account credentials.

In this case, your programme becomes more complex as you add functionality to it. The cost of developing custom software rises along with complexity.

In addition, while evaluating the cost of software development, factors such as design complexity, custom icons, animations, quantity of data analysis, difficulty of data migration, third-party integration, etc. are other factors worth considering.

Additionally, revisions increase the expense, particularly when it comes to design.

3. Timelines of Delivery of the Application

When it comes to software prices, time is another consideration. Your software development company will have to increase resources if you have a set deadline in mind in order to meet it.

As a consequence your software development cost will rise as more resources are added.

4. Client’s Budgetary Constraints

The client's budget is a challenge when determining how much software development would cost. Make a list of all the features you want in your app to start with. Now separate them into "Must have" and "Nice to have" groups.

At the start of the project, let the software provider know your budget. Include all necessary features and, if your budget allows, including the nice to have features too. If not, include them in the upcoming release.

5. Development Activity is Outsourced or Executed Internally

The cost to build custom software will be significantly impacted by whether you develop software internally or outsource it. Outsourcing software development might cut your expenditures by 40%.

By giving your software development to a third party generally lowers costs. A recent study found that approximately 27% of firms outsource in order to cut costs. Many small businesses employ outsourcing to stay competitive. Large businesses may outsource in order to gain specialised services and save money.

Therefore, outsourcing software development will guarantee both cost savings and high-quality end results.

How Deventure Arrives at a Cost Estimate for Custom Software Development

We always begin with a thorough discussion in which we attempt to deeply assess the software's intended objective and purpose, the problem it is meant to answer, and the feature needs. The high-level requirements are then broken down into simple features during following meetings.

After that, we develop a business requirement document and have our client approve it. Once everyone is in agreement, we divide the requirements into smaller milestones, each of which has a list of features and a due date.

Following a thorough evaluation of the situation, we give you a set cost estimate for app development and time estimate. We promise timely delivery and high quality at the prices we quote.

Transparency is also a result of this strategy. The entire process is broken down into smaller units of deliverables, so clients know what to expect and when to expect it.

Wrapping it Up

We believe this blog has been able to corroborate how we arrive at custom software development prices.

We at Deventure believe that you need to be absolutely clear on the requirements before investing time and resources in developing a custom built software solution.

It is best to have documentation in place to make it simpler for your software development company to comprehend and explain to them the necessary functionality you need.

For almost a decade, Deventure has been creating custom software solutions and has a proven track record in this area by delivering projects for numerous domestic and international clients.

Feel free to connect with us by sending us a message. If you're considering developing custom software, we can be your ideal development partner.


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