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Android has a huge market share reaching more than 70% of mobile customers. If your target market uses Android leveraging Deventures best practices for Android development can really give your business a boost.

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iOS customers are loyal and value premium services, security and familiarity. Deventure has years of experience delivering for iOS and can build a unique and suitable user experience for your customers.

Cross-platform development

First time building a mobile app? Cross-platform development requires a fraction of the alternative native budget and your app will be compatible with every iOS and Android device. 


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We continue to support you after we launch the app and advise you based on future OS updates. We make sure that every urgent update is released ASAP. Besides this, we make sure that our solution will help your business grow exponentially.


We do the heavy lifting and provide the information you need to make the required decisions. Nothing is delivered without your previous approval. Our development process is designed to give control to our clients at every stage of the project.


The only constant is change. We are always open to reevaluating decisions and our procedures enable this should it become necessary. Our transparent process will allow you to pivot and change in line with your business environment.

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